About Us

We are your tested and trusted business partners with over 15 years of proven track record in providing corporate clients the best hands money can buy in the Nigerian labour market.


To be the innovative pacesetter in the global market through provision of efficient services using state of art technology and highly competent Human Resources to create wealth.


To provide the best and unparalled services in the following business niches; recruitment and outsourcing, training and capacity building, vehicle and equipment leasing, environmental and facility management.


Respect for others,
Customer focus,
Best practices.

Professional Business Support Service Provider in Lagos, Nigeria

ICL Support Services Limited (Rc:679920) is an organization established with the primary objective of providing fast, efficient, reliable and cost effective corporate support service solutions to a wide range of clients.

Primary amongst these classes of services is Recruitment, Outsourcing and Personnel Support Services to our corporate clients. The company also provides telecommunications support services.

ICL support services (Recruitment & Outsourcing) was set up for in response to the increasing concerns of employers, with the objective of;

  • Facilitating the identification, testing and subsequent recruitment of qualified and capable individuals on one hand,
  • And providing a channel for qualified individuals to access various employment opportunities available within the labour market.

This arm of the company aims at executing carefully developed management strategies aimed at filling the gap between demand and supply of high quality manpower at low, medium and high cadres of our client organizations.

Your Interest is Our Interest!

We provide support to our clients in their quest for recruitment of the most suitable, competent and reliable personnel through identification, recruitment and outsourcing of staff that adequately meet their specific needs.

Using the most modern recruitment techniques, we are able to successfully bear the tedious and painstaking challenges of sieving through thousands of applications in search of rightful candidates from across the country as well as abroad, where necessary, in order to secure the most suitable candidates for vacant positions available in our client organizations on permanent, temporary and casual basis.

In addition, we provide highly experiences support staff on secondment to work in client organizations as the need arises.

The trust we build with our clients is shown in the longevity of our relationships. We stay in contact and continue to provide advice to ensure our services continue to meet your personal and business needs as it changes and develops.

This is in keeping with our moto : “Your Interest is Our Interest!”