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Management Outsourcing

Managers (all cadres)
Sales and Marketing executives
Clerical and administrative staff
Cashiers and Tellers

Technical Outsourcing

Automobile mechanics
Lift operators
Machine Operators

Security Outsourcing

Protocol Guards
Event Guards
VIP Guards
Project Guards
Escort Guards

ICL Outsourcing Services in Lagos, Nigeria

Outsourcing is the human resource function involving the commissioning and use of an external organization, manpower or parts of manpower, equipment, and/or other resources for the perfomance of a task or project on a temporary or permanent basis rather than using the company's staff or plant.

ICL Support Services Limited undertakes the contracting and execution of Human Resource related Outsourcing where manpower required for the execution of projects are supplied to clients.

ICLSSL also executes various projects outsourced by clients to the company. All outsourced client projects and duties are executed strictly in accordance with guidelines provided by the client and delivered on schedule.